Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rome was not built in a day

Satu perkongsian motivasi belajar untuk kita semua yang ditulis oleh  Dr. Izran Sarrazin Mohammad(Senior lecturer),Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
“Rome was not built in a day” – a proverb that conveys how great things can only be achieved through blood and sweat. As a human being that strives for continuous improvement, I’ve always believed that there is no period in life, at least not until the day my eyes are forever closed. I completed my PhD 2 years ago, after 3 years of struggle. Several have asked me whether is it tough doing a PhD research. My answer has always been “our mind decides whether something is tough or not”. Looking at where I am now, I do sometimes feel surprised of what I have achieved so far. 
You see, I was never the best student in school nor was I known for my academic excellence. I was lousy at Modern Maths, I didn’t know anything about Add. Maths – a complete idiot (still am), my English and BM were not that outstanding (though I was regarded as one of the best in school, he he he), forget about physics – was never the Einstein type, chemistry was ok but unstable – never had real chemistry with chemistry, and the other subjects...well managed to avoid the red ink, he he he.
Yet somehow, I managed to be who I am now – a man who holds a diploma, bachelor’s and master’s degree, and a PhD (not boasting but genuinely surprised). My diploma was in Urban & Regional Planning (had to do lots of designing and planning – suited me well). My Bachelor’s degree was in Geoinformatics (needed to be good with computers, programming, and MATHS!!! - truly unbelievable that I even graduated). My Master’s degree was in Facilities Management (all about management, buildings, technical stuffs, and again...MATHS!!!), and my PhD (Permanent Head Damage) research was also about Facilities Management, focussing on Building Performance Evaluation (again all about management, buildings and technical stuffs, and MATHS!!!).

So, considering my not so bright nature in academics when I was in school, how in the hell did I manage to be where I am now? – W.S.P.
W - Will to improve
S – Self-belief
P – Perseverance
Now, this is not one of those formulas that you find in motivation talks – never really believe that they work. This is just simple logic. People say that a man’s will is more powerful than a legion of cannons. A charging warrior can withstand 10 enemy gunshots and still manage to be victorious before plunging into his demise, all because of the will to achieve what he wants to achieve – the mind and heart is more powerful than the body. Yet, will alone is insufficient unless you truly believe in yourself. “Your belief determines your reality” (borrowed that from Quai Gon Jin, Jedi master in Star Wars, he he he).

The point is if you really believe in yourself, you can achieve anything that you want (realistic ones that is – reminds me of a 4 foot girl who aspires to be a stewardess, he he he). Now, we all know that life with all its ups and downs, and corners and junctions, can really spell S.H.I.T for us. When this happens (and it will happen), some just drop-dead, some whine (finger-pointing and complaining how unfair life has been to them), some remain standing though with wiggly knees (truly respect them), and some remain standing strong as if nothing happened (yeah right, and I’m Superman). 
The shitty fact is, life is difficult, and it will hit you down to your knees if you let it. You see, it does not matter how hard you try or how hard you hit. What matters is how hard you can take the hits and still move forward. That’s how winning is done! Head-bruises and heartaches will of course be part of the package, but with time, they’ll just be another tale to be told.
Contemplate these quotes:
“The day you stop desiring is the day you die”
“If you believe that you’re a bird, then fly like a bird”
“Why do we fall down? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up again”
To those who are reading this, just remember that studying is not difficult (even at Master and PhD level), financial problems are not difficult, broken relationships are not the end of life. They merely haunt you if you let them. So, practice W.S.P, and pray to Allah, or Buddha, or Siva, or Christ, or whatever deity that you pray to. The quest for success in life is certainly not a walk in the park. It’s a struggle in a misty forest and it may take you years before reaching the other side. 
There are no easy paths, no magic wands, and no miracles, for we know that Rome was not built in a day.


  1. thanks..
    really motivated..
    tough still searching the best thing that I am really good at..

  2. teruskan usaha, moga Allah mudahkan urusan anda untuk berjaya.

    if you yang something, go get it!

  3. Terima kasih. Saya benar-benar perlukan motivasi waktu ini, untuk menyiapkan phd saya.saya masih ada keyakinan pada diri, cuma perlukan kekuatan kerana himpitan sekeliling melemahkan saya hinggakan saya tak sempat fikirkan phd saya sendiri.